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Runnymede Collegiate Institute

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569 Jane St, York, ON M6S 4A3, Canada
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9 - 12

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About Runnymede Collegiate Institute

Runnymede Collegiate Institute is proud of its culturally diverse community where rights, respect and responsibility are valued and where learning and teaching in a safe environment are top priorities. We have 90 years of tradition in both academic and athletic excellence with clear expectations for students in the areas of attendance, performance and achievement. A population of around 700 students makes Runnymede an optimum size to provide recognition for individual merit and yet offer a wide array of co-curricular activities. With a variety of course offerings from computer technology to co-operative education, from modern languages to music, Runnymede meets the needs and interests of its diverse student population.
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About Runnymede-Bloor West Village

The tree-lined streets in this area, which was annexed by the city of Toronto in 1909, make this a popular residential neighbourhood. While Bloor St. West is always full of life, the inner neighbourhood consists almost entirely of housing, rather than a mix of businesses, and so the streets are relatively quiet. The immediate area around Bloor Street is commonly known as Bloor West Village after the shopping area along Bloor Street, whereas the area to the north is considered the Runnymede neighbourhood.

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