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Welcome to Nassagaweya Neighbourhood, Milton

Welcome to Nassagaweya, Milton


Nassagaweya is a rural community in north-west Milton, named for a former township. The township was created in 1819, its name derived from the Mississauga word nazhesahgewayyong, meaning 'river with two outlets.' This refers to the fact that watercourses in the township drain to both Lake Ontario and the Grand River system. Nassagaweya was originally part of Halton County. When the Regional Municipality of Halton was created in 1974, the township became part of the Town of Milton.


With 9 public schools, 11 Catholic schools, and 1 private school in this neighbourhood, your kids can get a great education.


This neighbourhood is park heaven, with 6 parks and community recreation facilities within its boundaries, including:


Facilities in this neighbourhood

  • 2 Fishings
  • 4 Hikings
  • 2 Picnic Facilities
  • 4 Trails
  • 1 Community Hall
  • 4 Tennis Courts
  • 2 Bicycle Trails
  • 3 Cross-Country Skiings
  • 1 Ski Terrain Park
  • 1 Skiing
  • 1 Snowboarding
  • 2 Museums
  • 1 BMX Track
  • 1 Boating Facilities
  • 1 Campground
  • 1 Nature Centre
  • 1 Swimming


With 1 street-level transit stop in the neighbourhood, it's easy to get around.


This neighbourhood has many shops, services, and amenities to make your daily errands easy.

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