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Welcome to Annex Neighbourhood, Toronto

Welcome to Annex, Toronto


Bordering the University of Toronto, the Annex has long been a student quarter and is also home to members of the university's faculty. The Annex is mainly residential, with tree-lined one-way streets lined with Victorian and Edwardian homes and mansions, most of them built between 1880 and the early 1900s. The Annex is home to many examples of a uniquely Torontonian style of house: Annex style houses. These homes typically feature large rounded Romanesque arches along with Queen Anne style decorative items such as turrets. The eastern edge of the neighbourhood includes the Yorkville area which has a wide variety of businesses and condos. The western edge encompasses the area of Seaton Village which contains primarily detached homes.


This neighbourhood is park heaven, with 9 parks and community recreation facilities within its boundaries, including:


Facilities in this neighbourhood

  • 4 Picnic Facilities
  • 8 Playgrounds
  • 1 Ball Diamond
  • 2 Leash-Free Dog Areas
  • 2 Outdoor Rinks
  • 12 Tennis Courts
  • 1 Trails
  • 2 Wading Pools
  • 1 Botanical Garden
  • 1 Arena
  • 1 Indoor Rink
  • 3 Lawn Bowling/Bocce Greens


With 10 rail transit stops and 132 street-level transit stops in the neighbourhood, it's easy to get around.


This neighbourhood has many shops, services, and amenities to make your daily errands easy.

Notable Places

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